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MS in Supply Chain and Operations Management

MS in Supply Chain and Operations Management

There is an explosive growth in supply chain and operations challenges, arising from globalization, big data, e-commerce, social media, mobile technologies, and automation. Developments in information technologies and analytical tools enable analyses of vast troves of data to provide enterprises with greater visibility of their supply chain operations. This trend has fueled a demand for people with knowledge and skills for managing supply chains and operations.

The UIC MS in Supply Chain and Operations Management is directed at meeting the growing demand for professionals in supply chain and operations. It provides foundational knowledge in this area, integrating analytical modeling approaches, enterprise systems, data, analytics and business intelligence, and develops leadership skills and a global context.

UIC graduate students study in the heart of Chicago, a major supply chain and operations hub, with many leading companies in close proximity. Faculty instructors are both researchers and professionals at the forefront of developments in their field; an additional benefit of students being enrolled in UIC -- a Carnegie one research institution.

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Fast-paced program, flexible schedule
The 32-credit hour program can be completed in one year of full-time study (or more than one year of part-time study).  The program offers a flexible structure and schedule to allow completion while students are working full-time. The broad choice of electives enables the students to customize the curriculum to specific career or company interests.

Cutting-edge curriculum
The distinguishing feature of this program is its blend of business and functional knowledge, with technical and analytical skills, systems thinking, leadership capabilities and global orientation.

The program is designed to prepare students for varied work roles from supply chain planner to analyst, or manager, logistics coordinator, pricing analyst, procurement specialist, quality officer, among others. It develops a strong background for supply chain and operations roles in a range of industries such as manufacturing, transportation and logistics, to retail, distribution, pharmaceutical and personal products, health and medical, food and software systems.

Experiential Learning
The MS in Supply Chain and Operations Management incorporates a practicum capstone experience course where students work with a client organization on supply chain and operations issues. This course integrates course material with project work that involves either detailed study of supply chain and operations strategy and practice in organizations, or development of supply chain related solutions for specific problems.

Who should enroll?

We encourage applicants with undergraduate degrees from business and other disciplines who seek specialized knowledge and training to work in varied business roles addressing supply chain and operations, as well as working professionals looking to enhance their skills and capabilities in this field.