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UIC Business is Chicago's Business Resource

UIC Business is Chicago's home for talented undergraduate and graduate students, cutting-edge research, beneficial business partnerships; and community events that can help you get ahead. 

Located a little west of the loop, we are a one-stop shop for your business resources. We offer professional development courses as well as custom corporate MBA programs. Our student project teams are available to help small businesses and larger companies with marketing strategy, research, app development, or website overhauls. 

UIC Business is home to advanced research centers, including the Center for Research Information Management and the Institute for Leadership Excellence and Development, both of which provide the opportunity for corporate research partnerships that provide valuable insights for your business.

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Recruit our Talent


Each year we post more than 450 internships for our students in the Chicago area. Our staff works closely with corporations to carefully select students for a proper match between student and employer. We work with you to make finding an intern easy.

Simply provide us with:

  • a brief job description
  • salary/hourly compensation
  • necessary qualifications
  • number of hours per week
  • location

We will:

  • find the right students for the position
  • forward you the resumes of qualified candidates
  • set up interviews on campus or send students to your office


They are available to work on a part-time basis throughout the year and full time during the summer and vacation periods. They are enthusiastic and offer diverse employment, academic and cultural backgrounds.

Choose from students across our six degree programs. We offer a personalized approach and high-quality business students. We will work with you throughout the process to keep up with your changing needs. We are committed to both you and our students having a successful experience.

Entry-level Hires

Our students are hard working and resourceful and come from diverse backgrounds.  Not only are our undergraduates prepared with a proven, research-based education, but they also receive professional development training that teaches them how to:

  • accept feedback
  • work in a team
  • take initative
  • communicate effectively
  • assume leadership roles

Our students are active in community service and student organizations. They have been exposed to many perspectives from guest speakers and alumni connections. They are ambitious and ready to work.

We welcome recruiters on campus in a variety of ways:

  • Branding days
  • Informational interviews
  • Resume reviews
  • Job fairs

Contact the Business Career Center today to partner with us to find you the most capable entry-level candidate for your positions.

Graduate-level Hires

Students in the Liautaud graduate programs are highly qualified with combined past work experience, five years average, from a broad array of backgrounds, seeking opportunities to leverage their experience and education with a proven, research-based education. We have more than 600 students in our five graduate programs.


  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Science in Accounting
  • Master of Science in Business Analytics (STEM)
  • Master of Science in Finance
  • Master of Science in Management Information Systems (STEM)
  • Master of Science in Marketing

Core Competencies

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial markets
  • Interdisciplinary product development
  • Social value creation

Key Strengths

  • Analytic and problem-solving skills
  • Innovative and resourceful thinking
  • Entrepreneurial initiative
  • High CPA pass rates for MSA graduates

Project Collaboration

Call for Projects

We seek support from companies that can offer our students an opportunity to work on a MIS project (IDS 406/IDS507) or a more generic business problem (MBA590). Similar to an internship, but without any financial payments or contractual obligations, we require only a commitment of approximately 1-2 hours per week from one or more individuals in the organization to serve as mentors for the student team (3-4 students per team).

Project Courses

IDS 406 is the capstone course for Information and Decision Sciences undergraduate majors, and runs for the 16-week duration of the spring or fall semester. The projects for this course focus on technology solution designs and implementations. Initially, the course instructors meet with the sponsoring organization to develop high-level expectations for their project. The student teams are then responsible for finalizing the scope of work and a work plan for their projects in conjunction with their mentors. At this first meeting, the teams will arrange for weekly or other as-necessary meetings with the organization in order to gather requirements and information for their projects. Depending on the specific requirements of the project, the students may need to be assigned some work space and resources at the organizational premises. The students also meet weekly in class with their instructor to report project status. The instructor closely interacts with the mentor to assess the progress made by the student teams and whether expectations are being met.

IDS 507 is the capstone course for Masters in MIS students. It also runs for the 16-week duration of the spring or fall semester, and focuses on technology solution designs and implementations as well as systems and data analyses.

MBA 590 is an elective course for the MBA and Masters in MIS programs. It runs for the last half of the fall and spring semesters. For the fall 2015 semester, it will run from October 19 through December 11. This course focuses on business issues such as strategy and modelling, process reviews, marketing program review and planning, and financial analysis and planning; although generally these projects also involve technology components such as business intelligence, software evaluation and selection, and mobile enablement planning.

Student Profiles

The undergraduate students in IDS 406 are seniors who are nearing the completion of their studies and have had courses in databases and programming.

The graduate students in IDS 507 are from the MS-MIS/MBA programs. They have completed business foundation courses and have had formal training in business and system analysis, databases, application development, enterprise applications (J2EE) and other MIS courses. Other coursework in the program includes business data mining, IT audit, operations and supply chain management, and corporate IT strategy. Many of the students have previous work experience in varied business and IT-related roles.

To participate, contact Kyle Cheek at

Recent Company-Sponsored Projects:
  • LM Restaurant – sales data application
  • Tovar Snow Professionals- new website
  • Lions Club – data recovery analysis
  • Content Carnivore- data mining
  • PwC – HR and employee performance data analysis
  • Cook County Government - automated time card process and data analysis

Research Collaboration


The Institute for Leadership Excellence and Development at UIC is dedicated to discovering practical methods to make workplaces better. Through rigorous, applied research,  iLEAD works with employees and employers in Chicago and beyond to conduct action-oriented, custom-designed research on topics such as employee engagement, workforce attachment, leadership, and work and family balance. Since 1991, corporate leaders have turned to the Institute for Leadership Excellence and Development for the support and expertise they need to objectively and effectively research those challenges and bring about workplace change. Learn how to connect at iLEAD's website.


The Center for Research in Information Management supports practical research collaboration between UIC and business partners. CRIM's applied research focus is on the use of emerging data analytic capabilities to support organizational decision making and process improvement, as well as innovations in the effective management of enterprise information assets. Visit CRIM's website to learn more.

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